Nature Makers Lab plant Miyawaki forest to help cool the planet


Camilla Zanzanaini is the founder of Nature Makers Lab. The idea of Nature Makers Lab is really to bring more diversity into the city. They are doing that by planting more native species in Hong Kong. They are also planting anywhere around urban areas, wherever they can. 
Nature Makers Lab planted the first ‘Miyawaki forest’ in Hong Kong with the kids. The kids are of a primary school. They are of ages around 8 to 12 years old. 
Miyawaki is a very special method which was invented by a botanist. He studied forests for more than 30 years and found that if you plant native species very densely together, they will create a system. They will start supporting each other. Therefore, by Miyawaki method, you are actually planting a forest. 
They planted three to four trees per square metre. They chose more than  local species in Hong Kong. Those species came from different layers of forests. Every kid grabbed a shovel, a tree, some wood chips and stuff. They dug a hole and popped the trees in it. They did it species by species. The purpose behind planting these in forests is to help cool Hong Kong. In the summer, record high temperatures were recorded in Hong Kong. Global warming is increasing day by day. Carbon dioxide is absorbed by trees which helps in reducing the ‘heat-island’ effect caused by urbanisation. 
One grown tree can be as effective as ten air conditioners. In theory, a forest should be able to cool down the area around it by upto five to six degrees. To plant a Miyawaki forest, it does not have to be a large space. They will take care of it for a couple of years and then it will become a self sustaining system. 
This step taken by Nature Makers Lab is inspirational and motivating. We all must thrive to plant native species which will further help in better functioning of the planet. 


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