Nagarkot, Nepal : A paradise for hikers and adventure lovers

Seeing the Himalayas without binoculars might sound unrealistic but still it is possible. It is easy and inexpensive. The place where you can experience one of the best mountain views in your life is Nagarkot, Nepal. You can feel the warmth and beauty of stunning sunrise over the himalayas and even get a chance to see the legendary Mount Everest without climbing it.

The journey starts from Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. It is just 30 kms away from Kathmandu. The most inexpensive way to reach Nagarkot is to take a local bus. Otherwise you can also take a taxi or private car. Nagarkot is a small mountain village with few hotels and restaurants. Nagarkot offers a wide variety of views of himalayan ranges. Eight majestic ranges are visible from here. It is the perfect place for hikers and adventure lovers. There are a lot of walking routes in and around the village.

Nagarkot used to be a place for royals of Nepal to hide away from the scorching heat and busy life. Recently, it has become a popular tourist destination for the locals as well as for international travellers. It is near to Kathmandu, therefore it is ideal for short one day trips. But it is widely suggested to stay there if you want to enjoy a magnificent side of the Himalayas peaks at sunrise.

Being here will make you feel super calm and relaxed. Surrounded by forested hills it offers you such stunning beautiful views of the Himalayas that you could spend hours staring at the breathtaking mountain scenery. If you get up early in the morning, you will get to see the sun spreading rays of light on the snow peaked mountains and filling the sky with colors of orange, red and yellow. The view is absolutely mesmerizing.