Myanmar is facing protests for the third consecutive day against the coup by the military


Myanmar authorities had blocked Facebook earlier, which got partially restored today. The live FB videos have started to show the protestors marching through the streets and protesting against the military coup in several cities.
The military coup took place a week ago in the country and thousands and thousands of citizens have come out on the streets and have demanded the release of their leader Aung San Suu Kyi.
As per the reports, atleast thousand people got together at Yangon park to commencing their third-day protests against the military coup and demanding their democracy. Mandalay too saw protests on Monday morning.
Just after Aung San Suu Kyi and few of the national league for democrats got arrested by the military on Monday last week, protests have erupted in Myanmar. The president of Myanmar also got placed under the arrest of the military, and an emergency for one year has been imposed.
As per the military during the November elections, there was widespread voter fraud, and NLD swept it under the rug. This is also why the internet was blocked after the military coup, which was restored after the protesters started to increase in size, and the videos on Facebook showed the protestors marching through the streets.
Over the weekend, the crowd of protesters gathered at Yangon and started chatting the slogan
“we Want Demorcay” and gestured a three-finger salute, this is an agitate symbol that was shown during the protests in hong kong.
Several leaders worldwide have shown solidarity and have asked the military to return democracy to the country. Myanmar has also seen Pope Francis’s support as he urged the Myanmar army to work towards their democratic coexistence.


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