Muslim women auctioned at a fake sale in India


Police in India are examining how many Muslim ladies were made available for purchase in counterfeit “auction” online without their insight, for a situation the casualties say outlines developing Islamophobia the nation over.
More than 80 women’s photos were purportedly uploaded to GitHub, an open software development platform, with the tag “Sulli deal of the day” in recent weeks. “Sulli” is a slang term for Muslim women.
Last week, an airline pilot named Hana Mohsin Khan was informed by a friend who referred her to a link that led to a gallery of women’s photographs.
GitHub has now suspended the users’ accounts, claiming violations of its harassment, discrimination, and incitement to violence policies.
The Delhi police have filed charges, but they are against unknown people because the culprits’ identities are unknown.
They’ve gotten so good at bombarding people with thousands of nasty messages, including journalists and activists, that some have had to shut down their social media accounts.
Since Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party came to power in 2014, many of India’s 170 million Muslims claim they have felt like second-class citizens.
That’s not it series of lynchings of Muslims by Hindu mobs in the name of “protecting cows,” a sacred animal for many Hindus and other hate crimes, has seeded fear and despair in the community.


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