Ms. Debdutta Bera Adhya: Optimist by nature, a feminist by choice

Ms. Debdutta Bera Adhya not only dreamed of achieving success but worked hard for it. The only ‘mantra’ that she always followed was to have immense faith in the Omnipotent and work selflessly towards achieving her goals. Her goal is to see her Nation educated and prejudice free. As a young woman educationist who had travelled and worked in Haryana, Karnataka, urban as well as suburban Bihar, life was very challenging and difficult.

As the saying goes “where there is will, there is away” she was successful in imparting education to children and youth and stood firm as a woman school leader through thick and thin for her students.Her journey started from Hisar, Haryana where she was appointed as a TGT English faculty in a CBSE affiliated school, teaching English language and literature to primary and middle school children.

In the later years she mentored students in a College in Karnataka as the Head of Department of English language. She was the initiator of starting the first college magazine named ‘Pen and Paper’ to create an open platform for native students to exhibit their writing talents. After a lot of struggle to get confirmation from her higher authorities, then visiting local printers in a small south Indian city with a language very different from her own mother tongue and successfully getting the first copy beautifully printed and documented was indeed a milestone.

Her joy was to add the Hindi, Kannad, Science and Commerce sections to her magazine which had initially started with the English section as her students became increasingly enthusiastic to publish their write ups. That was her reward to see her students’ eyes glow with pride and her team of editors worked day and night as the write ups outnumbered.

Life took a turn as she came to the state of Bihar as a Vice- Principal in a CBSE affiliated School. Bihar gave her immense name, fame and respect. She endorsed child safety in school premises, by awaring parents and teaching children about the common problems of child maltreatment and also by telecasting the same issues on national news channels through talk shows. Igniting minds and creating a society which was free of malpractices was always something that she worked hard for.

She was awarded by Naari Sri Niketan for consistent, outstanding academic support to build the “New Nation”.  Though the world had paid a heavy toll due to the pandemic but educationists didn’t lose hope. She, along with other school heads across the Nation, never gave up but tried their best to bring education to the doorstep because she believed that in no way we can let education get compromised.

She believes that the zeal of educators should never be dimmed as the future of youth is in their hands. To sum up her journey in a line it would be “an optimist by nature, a feminist by choice”. She is a lifelong learner and presently pursuing a diploma course in School leadership and management from Harvard University. Her goal is to impart education to eradicate illiteracy and keep inspiring and touching lives.