Mr. Teju Nepal: Inspiring and helping students to become their best version

Mr. Teju Nepal is the director of Bal Vikas NCMAs and is also the President of Lions Club, Kathmandu, Nepal. He is an abacus and handwriting specialist, handwriting analyst, child counselor, motivational speaker and social worker for the past 16 years. 

He has an advanced degree in Sociology. He is from Lamjung, western part of himalayan country Nepal. Throughout the country, he has been working in partnership with various schools and individuals. He has served not only private schools, but community and government schools as well. 

Bal Vikas NCMAs is an organisation, certified by the government. It is the first organisation which has been providing handwriting and graphology services. During school holidays, it conducts various productive activities for students such as abacus training programmes, motivational seminars, psychological counselling and various other short term camps. 

This organisation has been providing many short term and long term courses to individuals as well as organisations throughout the country. It is primarily working in the field of Child Cognitive Development. They have been providing the best professional services to enhance the abilities of children through different extra curricular activities and innovative tools. 

Many organisations have recognised their wonderful work and appreciated them. The work done by them is commendable. Mr. Teju Nepal is the driving force behind this organisation. Recently, he has been honoured by the Asian Excellence Award. He is doing amazing work.