Mother’s market: Discover Asia largest Women Market


Imphal, the capital of Manipur, has a market which is run by all women. This is Asia’s women run market and includes more than 4,000 women shopkeepers. It is called ‘Mother’s Market’. Women are working here generation after generation. Their original language is Kaithel. ‘Kai’ means break and ‘Thel’ means to display. Mother’s market in Manipur is called Emakaithil. It was started around 500 years ago when the men of the Maiti community stayed away from their homes for months, waging wars, and then women started working to support their expenses at home. With time, their entrepreneurial skill also developed. And today, this whole market is run by female traders. Besides, no man is permitted to run a shop here. 4000 working women here support their families and this has been prevalent since ages. Indian women play an important role in the economy of the country and the Mother’s Market is a perfect example. Women here work really hard and that is the reason that the annual turnover of this market is around 50 crores. Mother’s Market has items used in religious worship, vegetables, fruits, fish, clothes, traditional dresses of Manipur, accessories, utensils, knives as well as tailors. It is a learning centre for women where women share with each other local and international news. There was a time when we didn’t have modern education and that’s when the market became the centre of education for women. The knowledge that they acquire over there, they go home and then share it with their children. The largest all women run market is in India and it reflects Indian women’s strong entrepreneurial skills.


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