More civilians will be killed in Israel’s Rafah offensive ‘whatever they say’: EU’s Borrell

Israel’s offensive on Rafah will likely kill more civilians and is being carried out despite explicit warnings against it from European Union member states and the United States, the EU’s top diplomat said on Tuesday.

“The Rafah offensive has started again, in spite all the requests of the international community, the US, the European Union member states, everybody asking (Israeli Prime Minister)Netanyahu not to attack”, Josep Borrell told journalists.

“I am afraid that this is going to cause again a lot of casualties, civilian casualties. Whatever they say”, he said, adding: “There are zero secure zones in Gaza.”

Palestinian militant group Hamas on Monday confirmed to a Gaza ceasefire proposal from mediators, but Israel said the terms did not keep up with its needs that were there which they had to keep up with and pressed ahead with strikes in Rafah while planning to go ahead with negotiations on a deal.