Miss Anar Mehta : Inspiring the world with ambitious agenda of women empowerment

Srishti Bharat is an NGO established with the aim of women empowerment. The face behind the foundation is Miss Anar Mehta. She has a Doctorate Degree in Social Work at the World Human Rights Protection Commission. She has represented India globally. She is also an active member of prestigious organizations like the World Hindu Economic Forum.

She is driven with the aim to help underprivileged women. She is working towards making women understand sanitation, literacy and gender equality. She is the Co-Founder of Hello Womeniyaan which is an online digital platform for global women .  Moreover she is also the National President, NRIS Council of Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (WICCI).

Gender Equality is very close to her heart, which fuels the vision and initiatives undertaken by Srishti Bharat. The organization strongly believes that Indian culture has often worshipped women and admired them as role models. Given the correct conditions, today’s young women of India will be pioneers of tomorrow who will represent India across the world. Srishti Bharat aspires to work on initiatives that in essence enhance the lives of oppressed women in India.

In March 2021, Anar Mehta was honoured by the United Nations for her contribution to women empowerment. Furthermore, she is chief of Women Wing Indian and USA of Indian Golf Circuit. She is also a National Board Secretary of Board of Environment Sustainability Trust  which is an official and signatory partner of the United Nations Global Impact. It is the world’s largest global network with the aim of creating a sustainable future.

Miss Anar Mehta participates in several workshops and talk shows to reach out to women and spread her message and guidance. She is reaching out to women from all sections of the society. She is transforming their lives. She is teaching them valuable lessons on how to live a healthy and respectable life.  She has been globally recognised for her passion and zeal for women empowerment. She is the Honorary President at Global Chamber of Commerce & Industry. She is also International Ambassador at MSME & startups forum – Bharat. She is Ambassador at Global Goodwill Ambassadors Foundation.

She is making sure that women participate and contribute towards the growth of our country. She is creating opportunities for them to work in a safe and healthy environment. She has been putting concerted efforts to eradicate poverty and help rural women live a respectable life. Her vision is that when women are socially and economically independent, they become a catalyst of change. Her ambition and drive of women empowerment is noble and virtuous. She is an idol for all the women and her work is truly encouraging and inspiring.