Melaka’s state assembly has been dissolved, allowing for state elections to be held


Following the fall of the second state administration in two years, the Melaka state legislative assembly was dissolved on Tuesday (Oct 5), clearing the way for elections to be conducted in the Malaysian state within two months.
However, the president of Malaysia’s governing party, Umno, indicated that after considering the Covid-19 risk element, the Election Commission, National Security Council (NSC), and health ministry would decide whether or not to hold an election.
“If the pandemic is considered too hazardous (for the election) to be held within 60 days in the judgement of the health ministry and NSC, then guidance may be sought similar to what was done in Sarawak,” Umno president Zahid Hamidi told reporters in Parliament on Tuesday.
The Sarawak state assembly’s five-year term ended earlier this year. Still, the long-overdue state election has been postponed until early next year because a localised emergency was proclaimed due to Covid-19, obviating the necessity for a vote.
By-elections were not held when a state of emergency was proclaimed for the constituencies owing to the epidemic. Therefore two parliamentary seats remain empty.
A state legislature election was conducted a little over a year ago in Sabah, Malaysia, precipitated by defections that led to the state government’s collapse. The polls, however, resulted in a Covid-19 epidemic, which quickly spread and destroyed Malaysia’s earlier achievement in limiting the pandemic.
On Tuesday, Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob stated that if Melaka goes to the elections, he wants to avoid another Covid-19 epidemic. The Melaka state government collapsed on Monday when four legislators abandoned Chief Minister Sulaiman Md Ali, depriving him of a majority. Umno’s Datuk Seri Sulaiman and rebel commander Idris Haron, a former Melaka chief minister, are Umno members.


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