Meet Shri Satyaram Reang, who has dedicated his life in preserving traditional folk dance

Shri Satyaram Reang was born in Tripura in 1943. At a very early age he learnt the dance traditions and music of the Reang tribe. Since his childhood, he has been performing in traditional festivals of his community. He is highly revered as the most proficient performer of the Hojagiri dance. Young people of his tribe have been trained by him.

It is a dance which is performed by standing on an earthen pitcher and balancing a bottle on the head and earthen lamps in hands. On the occasion of hojagiri festivals or Laxmi puja, this dance is widely performed by the Reang tribe of Tripura community. The male members sing the lyrics and the female members in a group of four to six, perform the beautiful hojagiri dance. To perform this dance, one has to undergo extensive training. For the entire sequence to finish, it takes about half an hour.

With a number of accomplished dancers and musicians, a Lokaranjan Shakha has been founded by him. He dedicated his entire life in promoting and preserving the traditional Hojagiri dance of the Reang tribe. His efforts and dedication has been recognised and appreciated by people and many institutions of north-east India. He has also donated land to make Hojagiri dance academy.

He has extensively travelled throughout the country with the members of his troupe. He has also performed in many other countries outside India. He has been honored with the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award, during a cultural event organized in USSR, recognizing his contribution to the music and folk dance of Tripura. He has also been conferred with the highly prestigious Padma Shri award. He is the third person from the state to get this award. Chief Minister of Tripura, Biplab Kumar Deb also congratulated him through facebook. He further said that Tripura is proud of him and extended his thanks to the central government and Prime Minister Narendra Modi for nominating Satyaram Reang. He is doing a remarkable job in preserving and promoting the traditional hojagiri dance.