Meet Sabariah Binti Hussein, who is selflessly working to serve humanity

Sabariah Binti Hussein is called “the Mother Teresa of Montréal”. To feed the hungry in Montreal, she works tirelessly. More than 7,00,000 meals have been prepared by her over the past 30 years. Most of the meals have been prepared in her own kitchen. A shelter for women has been founded by her. For humanitarian causes, she has managed to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars. With love people call her Sister Sabariah. She was born in Malaysia and settled in Montreal in the 1980s. Initially, she came to work as an educator but her heart lied in volunteerism. With the help of volunteers, she prepares hundreds of meals each week. Local agencies help her in the distribution of food like River’s Edge Community Church. Donations and community organizations cover her operating costs.

She founded a shelter for Muslim women in the year 2002. It is called Our Second Home. It welcomes students who are unable to find lodging and women who are victims of violence. Eight adults and six children are given shelter for upto a year. During Ramdan, she cooks for members of her community. A free supper is provided five days a week to those who are looking for a meal. Throughout the holy month, hundreds of volunteers join her and help her. She selflessly has helped many people who have been affected by natural disasters or calamities. In collaboration with Human Concern International, a charitable organization, she raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to help those who have been affected by the Tsunami in Indian Ocean in 2004. An orphanage was also erected by her in 2017 for the Rohingya refugees in Malaysia.

Her 70th birthday approached in the year 2017. She created the Sister Sabria Foundation whose aim was to find and implement solutions to support women in distress and eliminate hunger. Canadian Council on American-Islamic Relations honored her with the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2005. She also received the Community Service Award in 2005 by Muslim Council of Montreal. She received the Women Who Inspire Award in 2015 which was presented by the Canadian Council of Muslim Women. RS foundation honored her with the Lifetime of Service to Humanity Award in 2017. She is a true inspiration for millions and is enlightening the path of selfless service to humanity.