Meet Ms. Parkash Kaur, who is lighting a ray of beautiful hope for many girls

Ms. Parkash Kaur is a social worker who hails from Jalandhar city, Punjab, India. On the eve of 72nd Republic day this year, she was nominated for Padma Shri Award. The award was given to her as an appreciation for what she is doing for abandoned girls in Punjab. Parkash kaur, who is in her 60s, is selflessly taking care of abandoned girls. She herself was abandoned by her biological parents. She runs a unique home where currently, more than 80 girls are residing. Their age group is from girls who are just 9 days old to girls in their twenties.

She appealed that no girl should be thrown in dustbin or bushes by parents. The parents should raise girls as they raise boys. She also said that in any case the parents are unable to raise the girl child, she is there with open arms to raise the girl with love and respect. There have been many cases where stray dogs have bitten abandoned baby girls. She does not believe in adoption and hence does not give away the girls if someone wants to adopt them. She says that she is their mother so why should she give them away for adoption.

In her Unique home, every girl is loved and taken care of. They study in the best English Medium schools and can shop from big malls. The children can also go for a 15 day vacation to any hill station in the summer vacation every year. Their birthday is also celebrated on April 24 every year and a beautiful huge cake is cut. The baby girls are given Hindu, Sikh, Christian and Muslim names.

She started with eight abandoned girls. She lived in Nari niketan Jalandhar and left it in 1993 to start her own home where she could give all the love and protection to the girls. A trust named after Bhai Ghanayya Ji runs this unique home. The girls aspire to become doctors, engineers and officers. Fifteen girls of this Unique home are happily married. Ms. Parkash Kaur is doing a commendable job and she deserves every ounce of appreciation for what she is doing for the society.