Taking education towards an ingenious direction: Marion E. Hopfgartner


Marion E. Hopfgartner is an educationalist and an international Speaker. She is the founder of Lelek Academy. It is a government certified organization in Austria for early years teacher training. She is also the founder of TLI Pedagogics. It is an educational curriculum which is versatile and innovative. Since 1997, she has been in the education business. Because of her experience, she is often consulted by different preschool chains. She is the board member of many preschools. She is the author of nine books. She wants to spread the TLI Pedagogics system.
At the age of 19, her journey as an educationist started as a pre school principal. She profoundly understood the principles of education and how a segment of children are left behind and their growth gets neglected. 
In the year 1998, she started to actively study the concepts of child development, neuro-science, alternative education, therapies for family, modern education, nature, situative pedagogy, as well as studies about technology in education, spiritual education and personal development. On the other side she also used the practical empiric research by actively working with children in the age group one to fifteen. She had many business jobs but still she managed to work with children for 25 hours a week. This holistic approach changed her perspective towards education completely and was the basis to create TLI Pedagogics.
She is also the board Member and honorary member of several educational institutions dealing with childhood or adult education. Educational institutions who are willing to introduce change, she helps them as a consultant. At Lelek Academy, she is the founder, board member and leader of the training and quality management team. It is a national certified training academy for training nursery teachers, upgrade training and programs that introduce K-12 teachers with modern pedagogics. Today she is an excellent educationalist, an international speaker and author of several books. She functions also as consultant towards modernization and implementation of existing schools who move towards TLI Pedagogics system.


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