Manimaran Suppiah is inspiring millions globally to follow their passion

Manimaran Suppiah was born in 1967. He is an event organizer, choreographer and a journalist. He is known globally for his contribution in the field of dance. He is the founder of Malaysian Indian Dancers Association, PRONES Asia, GEMAS Art Association. He is a member of Malaysian Tamil Artiste Association, Malaysian Indian Artiste Foundation and Malaysian Indian Artiste Welfare Association. 

The wonderful journey started when he was only 6 years old. It was a birthday party. His uncle carried him and made him sit on the top of a table. He immediately started to dance to the song that was playing. That was the moment he realized how much he loved to dance. 

When he was in pre-university, he joined a dance group as a background dancer. He performed in many TV shows from 1986 to 1988. His passion for dance was always escalating. He had a dream to be called an iconic dancer. He worked very hard with focus and determination to achieve his goals. He realized his dream in 1989 and from then he was known as the iconic dancer of Malaysia. 

From the year 1986 to 1989, he traveled to many countries for performances. He visited India, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia and many other countries. He earned thousands of fans everywhere he went. People were willing to travel long distances just to see him perform. 

Everyone was talking about his amazing town moves. Parents started showing  his dance recordings to their children. All the appreciation and admiration encouraged him to follow his passion despite the challenges he was facing. 

He worked at different jobs. But as he had to travel to different countries for his performances, he was not able to permanently keep one single job. He had to make a difficult decision whether to do a job which is permanent or follow his passion. He chose to follow his passion and started devoting his entire time to dance. 

In 1996, he took the opportunity as a choreographer in a TV series. He worked hard and learnt direction and in 1998 he directed his very own TV Musical Program. 

His journey was not easy. He had to face many challenges and problems. His fellow artists became jealous of his success and began sabotaging his contracts and shows. He faced huge losses in income. There was a time when he felt shattered and stopped performing. 

For four years, he did not perform. One day he got a call from a famous TV channel in Malaysia. They asked him to be a chief judge in a Mega Dance Competition. The betrayal of his fellow artists did not hold him back anymore. He took the opportunity and his legacy now continues. 

In his inspiring journey, he has received many awards and accolades. Amongst many other awards, he has also been honored as “cultural icon” by the Indonesian Embassy. Recently he has been awarded with the “ASEAN EXCELLENCE AWARD”. Manimaran Suppiah is inspiring people globally to follow their passion with hard work and determination.