Malaysian singer Siti Sarah who died of Covid, was not vaccinated, says the husband


According to her husband, Siti Sarah, a Malaysian singer who died three days after giving birth from Covid-19, was not vaccinated and received treatment late.
Mr Shahmira Muhammad, also known as Shuib Sepahtu, a comedian, said he sought to admit his 36-year-old wife to a private hospital but was told there were no beds available for Covid-19 patients.
Mr Shahmira recalled the events in the ambulance with her as follows: “My wife and I wanted to go to a private hospital, but they were all filled. Then it dawned on me that no amount of cash would be able to save my wife. This is how it went down.”
He said, ” “My wife was not immunised… Her illness has progressed over the whole of her lungs. All of her organs were malfunctioning.”
Mr Shahmira also said that his wife, whose death shocked her admirers, had been suffering from low oxygen levels at home but that he had ignored the results.
“I made a blunder. Make sure you have an oximeter if you have Covid-19. Don’t wait if your oxygen level is 95 or below. Go to the hospital right away. My wife’s oxygen level was between 93 and 94 percent. I assured her that everything would be OK. I took too long to get her to the hospital. And now she is gone.”
Siti Sarah died at the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Medical Centre in Kuala Lumpur on Monday (August 9). Her fourth kid was eight months old at the time.
Ayash Affan, her son, was born through C-section on August 6, two days after she was admitted to the hospital and placed in an induced coma.
On July 25, her husband and their three children were also diagnosed with the virus. Her sibling is currently hospitalised with Covid-19.


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