Malaysia wins appeal against partial award in $20b claim by former sultan’s heirs

A court in Paris has supported the challenge of Malaysia’s government against giving a partial award to the successor of a former sultan who achieved US$15 billion (S$20 billion) in a conciliation of a historical land deal, Malaysia said late on Tuesday.This final decision is a wonderful success of Malaysia said Law Minister Azalina Othman Said. He also said that they will be defeating all the oppositions and claimants, he is quite sure about it. The Paris Court of Appeal discovered the case judge had mistakenly confirmed his jurisdiction, Malaysia said on Tuesday.

Malaysia, which was not a part in the arbitration, keeps up the procedure is unlawful and has pledged to utilize all legal measures to stop seizure. It got a stay on the award in France. The dispute is there because of a deal in 1878 signed between European colonizers and the Sultan of Sulu about his territory. Malaysia paid off a token sum yearly to the sultan’s heirs for the sake of agreement. But it stopped doing this in 2013, after supporters of the former sultanate did a bloody attack to take back land from Malaysia.