Malaysia Investigates Attempted Trespass at Istana Negara and Police Station Attack

PUTRAJAYA – Malaysia’s Home Minister Saifuddin Nasution Ismail announced that police are investigating recent attacks involving public institutions to determine if they are coordinated efforts or individual actions.

Minister Saifuddin emphasized the seriousness of these incidents, stating that both his ministry and the police are committed to uncovering the truth behind the recent events. “In the police investigation, we will find out if the attacks were coordinated or at random as well as if it was performed by an individual or in a group,” Saifuddin said during a press conference on May 20.

One incident under investigation involved an attempted trespass into Istana Negara on May 18, where two men allegedly tried to breach the palace’s security with a weapon in their car. Another incident involved an attack on a police station in Penang, which Saifuddin mentioned had elements of alcohol influence.

Saifuddin called for public patience, advising against speculation and assumptions until the police complete their investigations. “We will investigate the cases promptly to find out the plot and motive of their actions,” he assured.

The Home Minister was addressing these issues at a press conference held after launching new filming guidelines and marking the 70th anniversary of the Film Censorship Board of Malaysia. As the investigation continues, the authorities aim to determine whether these incidents were isolated or part of a broader, coordinated effort, and to identify the underlying motives.