LTA’s Silver Zones Initiative Paving the Way for Enhanced Road Safety and Accessibility for Singapore’s Seniors

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) has finished constructing 30 Silver Zones across Singapore, improving road safety for the elderly. These zones feature enhanced infrastructure and aim to create a safer environment for senior pedestrians. LTA remains on track to reach its goal of 50 Silver Zones by 2025, ensuring greater road safety for seniors across the country.

Launched in 2018, the Silver Zones project focuses on areas with a high concentration of elderly residents. These zones incorporate various improvements, including wider pedestrian crossings, lower speed limits, traffic calming measures, improved lighting, and better signage. By tailoring these zones to meet the needs of senior citizens, Singapore aims to reduce accidents and promote active aging.

The completion of 30 Silver Zones has garnered positive feedback from residents, with senior citizens expressing their gratitude for the increased safety measures. The success of the project demonstrates Singapore’s commitment to creating an inclusive and age-friendly environment. LTA has already identified potential locations for the remaining 20 Silver Zones to be constructed by 2025. The authority is working closely with community organizations and town councils to ensure the effective implementation of these zones.

Mr. Tan Jun Wei, LTA spokesperson, highlighted the significance of the Silver Zones project, stating, “Improving road safety for our elderly population is a top priority for LTA. We are committed to building 20 more zones by 2025, working closely with the community to ensure our road infrastructure caters to the needs of all road users.”

Singapore’s Silver Zones initiative marks substantial progress in enhancing road safety and accessibility for seniors. By creating a safer environment, the country is prioritizing the well-being and independence of its senior citizens. The completion of 50 Silver Zones by 2025 will further contribute to Singapore’s age-friendly transportation system.