Live Program conducted by Global mentors and leaders on serving humanity online with compassion


On 13 february, 2021, GoGlobal business school collaborated and presented global mentors from Singapore, the USA and the Middle East, in the #The CircleOfLegend LinkedIn Live Program. They shared their years of experience in their journey of supporting the growth of humanity, consciousness beyond monetary gains, through technology.
It was hosted by the founder of GoGlobal, Dr. H.C. Azeeza Jalaludeen with Dr. Serge Gravelle, Owen Yeoh, Connie Benjamin and Dr. Omar Fisher. It was co-hosted by Mr. Darshan Patel, Founder of The Circle of Legend (TCOL).
At TCOL the aim is to humanise relationships globally using technology. More than 1,00,000 people have benefited from the efforts at TCOL.
On 13 February, amazing global mentors and leaders brainstormed with people to go into the dynamics of understanding the mission and vision of an individual that can go out in the world in the space of technology. It is an amazing programme to understand how visionaries use technology for the betterment of humanity. The circle of legends is a platform which is like an ecosystem whose baseline principle is to be humble.
Mr. Darshan Patel, started the amazing session by explaining the importance and value of being humble and compassionate. They have used the technology to connect to more than 1,00,000 people in a year and are doing continuous efforts to reach out to more and more people. They are helping people to convert their common lifestyle into a lifestyle wherein one can make a hybrid balance and to use time productively.
They have started a movement to help humanity. Dr. Serge Gravelle, a panelist, is the founder of the educational and training platform, and he is also the partner in GoGlobal technologies. They create very valuable content for the people. His mission for the last 20 years has been to bring education to the world without having to worry about the financial aspect of education.
The platform encourages people to share their stories. As the world is transforming, there can be resistance sometimes and when people share their stories, it gives hope to other people who are listening. The panelists also stated that there might be someone who needs to listen to your story. Everything shared by the panelists was so valuable and encouraging. So they are on a wonderful and beautiful mission of connecting people globally and encouraging humanity through technology.


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