Larisa Tarasevich : Nurtured her students to become global citizens

Education plays the most imperative role in the life of students. Teachers are the medium through which education is imparted to students. Teachers play the most important role in the development of a child. Larisa Tarasevich is an exemplary English teacher from Russia. She does her best to make students interested in English. She does collaborative global projects in which they exchange letters, parcels, books, toys with schools all over the world. Students discuss various issues via Skype with their peers around the world.

She takes her students to foreign countries organizing  Global Students Exchange programs and Educational tours. She lives in a rural place and yet has made best possible efforts to bring modern education and 21st century skills to the rural areas. Her students are very successful in State exams, English Olympiads and linguistic Researches. All of them  have great knowledge of English and desire for self development.

She has not let four walls of the classroom limit the exposure. The Internet expands the walls of the classroom to the world. Everyday people from different countries attend her classroom via online mediums. She also conducts cultural exchange videoconferences. Students are able to know about cultures of different countries and expand their outlook.

Students also send peace messages to their peers around the world, make some charities, for example: sending letters and drawings to students in Kenya or Nepal. Her students also made some video films to tell about Russian Siberian culture to all children in the world. Her students are aware about peculiarities of other countries and also know how to talk to people of other nationalities. She has made her students global citizens. For her exceptional work, she has received many awards and accolades.

She is the winner of the Regional contest Professional mobility, 2012.  She is also the winner of Russian federal teacher contest “Educational potential of Russia”,  2018, Global Teacher Award winner,  2019, the scholarship winner for World extensive reading congress, 2017 and many more. Her dedication and creative thinking to make her students citizens of the world is exemplary and inspirational. All schools and teachers should thrive to make their students global citizens.