Largest ever bronze mask discovered in mystical Sanxingdui ruins


The largest ever Bronze mask is reportedly unearthed in China’s Sanxingdui ruins. This bronze mask is unearthed from the central part of the Number 3 ritual pit. The widest part of this bronze mask, from one tip of the ear to the other, is 136 centimetres. The height is around 75 centimetres. It is said to be the largest bronze mask which is unearthed. This relic is believed to be thousands of years old dating from the Kingdom of Shu period. So far only half of the mask has been cleansed up and the restoration work is in progress. 
The mask is huge and the burial conditions were very complicated. The first discovered the back of the mask. In the nasal cavity of the mask, a large number of sea shells were discovered. Then they saw the ears and eventually discovered that it was a mask. They had discovered the mask in January 2021 but it was taken out late in June. 
The ruins, located in China’s Sichuan province, were first discovered in the late 1920s. More relics have been found at Number 3 and Number 8 ritual pits, which began being excavated in October 2020. 
Another highlight of recent discoveries is a golden mask which was unearthed in June this year. This golden mask is more than 3,000 years old. It is estimated that it is made up of more than 80% gold. According to experts, these pits are sacrificial pits. After less than a week of restoration, researchers were able to put the mask back together. Nearly 2,000 items have been discovered at the ruins. 


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