Know which foods will keep you awake and alert


Our body is made up and sustains because of the food we eat. The kind of food we eat has a direct impact on our bodies. In India, there is vast knowledge regarding the kind of food one should eat according to the kind of life that person chooses. For example a labourer should eat certain kinds of foods to be able to do physical work for long hours, for an athlete there is a different kind of diet and for a student, who needs to do mental work, a different type of diet is prescribed.
For a student, the main work is mental work. But why is the book which is made for everybody in the class to read, seems difficult to learn? It is because of the chemistry and not the learning efficiency. When a student reads his favourite story books, he remembers every character and every turn of events in the book. It is because of the chemistry that is formed with the things that interest us. Therefore a student in an active stable balanced mind to study.
In foods, there are three categories of food, Tamas, Rajas and Satvik. Tamas bring inertia which is the main reason of excessive lethargy and sleepiness. Rajas brings activity but it does not bring balance. Satvik is the best kind of food which brings activity, stability and balance altogether. Satvik food is vegetarian live food like fruits and vegetables in its raw form. Here vegetarian diet is referred to not because of morals but because of the phenomenon of the body. A cell which is living in nature nourishes the body whereas live food once cooked loses its vital nutrients and vitamins. Therefore the foods that keep you alert and awake are living food that is fruits and vegetables. Eat food that is directly given by mother nature.


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