Know the secret behind Hindu traditions: Science behind wearing a tilak or Bindi on forehead


According to ancient traditions of hindus, both men and women should wear a bindi or tilak on their forehead. In ancient times, whenever a person washed his face, a new bi ndi or tilak was replaced. The word ‘bindi’ is derived from Sanskirt work ‘bindu’ which appears in the earliest known Sanskrit text of Rigveda. The point where the creation begins is bindu. 
The bindi is applied at the point which is between two eyebrows. Nowadays, it is applied because of cosmetic value. In hinduism, the color red represents love and honor. The point at which bindi is applied is also called as ajna chakra. It is the most powerful chakra in the entire human body. It is the 6th chakra. It governs the head, brain, eyes, pineal gland and pituitary gland. It has a special significance in yogic meditation. There are various meditation techniques in which a person has to focus on this point. 
The purpose of Bhramari pranayama is to open up this chakra. In order to stimulate this chakra, there are various yoga poses as well, for instance in child pose or dolphin pose, forehead is touched to the ground in order to stimulate this point. Even in the pictures of Lord shiva, his third eye is seen on this point. It is the centre of intuition and awakening. 
According to acupressure, pressing this point for a few seconds has numerous health benefits. Even when bindi is applied, women adjust it and press it so that the bindi stays in place. Hence the bindi serves the purpose of pressing this point and hence stimulating it. Many important key nerves converge at this point, therefore pressing it relieves headache. It also improves eyesight health. This point also plays a role in improving skin health. Regular stimulating this point can resolve various skin related issues. Depression is one of the most common diseases people suffer from nowadays. Depression can also be prevented and cured from this point. It stimulates pineal gland and hence it relieves stress and anxiety issues. Memory is boosted and intuition is enhanced. Therefore bindi or tilak is not just for cosmetic purposes. It has traditional value and has many health benefits. 


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