Kim Jong Un is still seeking nuclear weapons, according to Pentagon spies


The US continues to monitor activity at North Korean nuclear installations that is “inconsistent with comprehensive denuclearization,” according to a report released on Friday by the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) (Oct 15). Despite Mr. Trump’s efforts to engage in direct summit diplomacy with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, the judgment, based on sightings at the Yongbyon nuclear site and elsewhere, mirrors assessments provided to former president Donald Trump by US intelligence services.
Even though North Korea has not performed nuclear tests since 2017, the Pentagon’s intelligence arm discovered that it had “reversibly” destroyed elements of its weapons of mass destruction infrastructure.
According to the DIA, Mr. Kim has prioritized “the development and testing of weapons that equip North Korea with the ability to attack distant adversaries – including the United States – with nuclear bombs” in recent years.
According to the report, these objectives are part of a “deterrence and coercion” strategy, which will see North Korea build and improve capabilities ranging from land-based and submarine-launched ballistic missiles to nuclear weapons, uncrewed aerial vehicles, and cyberspace.
According to the research, data collecting is difficult in North Korea due to the regime’s closed character.
It also estimated that North Korea’s economy would deteriorate in 2020 due to trade interruptions caused by Covid-19. According to the study, the military accounts for around 20% to 30% of North Korea’s GDP, with Mr. Kim prioritizing nuclear and conventional forces modernization.


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