Kidney health awareness launched by The National Kidney Foundation, Singapore


A new initiative has been launched by The National Kidney Foundation on 9 January to motivate people to undertake projects that help in raising awareness of kidney health and to diminish the number of kidney-related diseases.
The initiative is known as the Kidney We Care Movement. The number of cases of kidney failure in Singapore was rising. On an average there are 5 new cases daily of either dialysis or kidney transplant. Because of these alarming statistics, this initiative is taken. The National Kidney Foundation has admitted a yearly average of 855 new dialysis patients for the past five years. It has also spent nearly $116 million to treat kidney failure in its last financial year. 
Dialysis patients in Singapore are currently more than 8,000. Two third of these patients are under The National Kidney Foundation. Hypertension and  diabetes are the main causes of kidney failure. One of the countries which has the highest rate for kidney failure due to diabetes in Singapore. If more preventive measures are not taken, the number of diabetes cases is expected to grow to one million by 2050. 
The focus of the Kidney We Care Movement will be on three major areas. First is to reduce the number of cases related to kidney failure and to also diminish the number of cases of diabetes and hypertension which are the causes of kidney failure. Second will be to encourage social and psychological support for the patients and their families. Third will be to impact the society to be conscious regarding kidney health.  For the next three years to fund the movement, The National Kidney Foundation has committed $1 million. To review and recommend proposals, a committee has been set up which consists of professionals from important sectors such as healthcare, finance and communications. Singaporeans and permanent residents are open to the funding. 


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