Kick-start new year with inspiration: visit a book store


Another year is about to end in a few days. The year 2020 was a difficult year for everybody, from students to entrepreneurs, from poor to rich, everybody had their own problems because of the pandemic. This year, because of the lockdown, people had a lot of free time and they did not know where to spend it. 
Most of the time, people spend their time in front of their mobile screens scrolling social media all day and night. Negative news on social media which half of the time is fake or blown out of proportion, has led to stress and depression in many people unconsciously. It drastically affects mental and physical health in so many ways. Headaches, back pain, neck pain, stiff body, dry eyes, vision impairment are some of the physical symptoms. But it also affects a person mentally which is not visible on the surface. 
There were times when there were phones, tablets and laptops. No kind of social media was available. That era was so beautiful and magnificent where people invested their time and energy into productive things. One thing which is absolutely on the decline especially amongst the younger generation is the habit of reading. Not even 1 out of 10 children reads books. There are a thousand books written b y successful people and world famous authors which have so much to offer about life and how it should be lived. There are so many categories of books from fantasy fiction, non fiction, self help, investment and banking, travel and tourism and a lot more. There are books for everyone. 
One thing which is common amongst the richest people on this globe is that they all read good books daily. It is an important segment of their daily life. Go to your nearest bookstore and pick a book which interests you the most. Parents should encourage their children to read more often. Start 2021 by inculcating good books as part of your life and daily routine.


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