Kerry, the US climate envoy, said China, India, and Russia must combat global warming


According to US climate envoy John Kerry, significant greenhouse gas generating countries like China, India, Russia, and others must move quickly to assist the world in avoiding the worst effects of global warming. He added that government pledges to reduce carbon dioxide and methane emissions are insufficient to keep global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius over pre-industrial levels this century.
“And that includes China, India, Russia, Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia, and South Africa – a group of nations that will have to step up,” Mr Kerry said in a Reuters Next conference interview. “And we must assist them. This isn’t simply dumping responsibilities on them.”
Mr Kerry stated that the United States is working with some of these developing countries to transition to cleaner energy sources and decrease emissions. He cited US backing for India’s renewable energy programmes, as well as a joint deal reached last month between the US and China, the world’s largest producer of greenhouse gases, in which Beijing agreed to expedite emissions reductions. Developing countries have resisted efforts to quickly phase out fossil fuels like coal, claiming that they are still necessary for economic growth.
These governments claim they lack the financial resources necessary to switch to greener energy. They also point out that rich countries responsible for the majority of historical emissions have been able to rely on these high-carbon fuels for more than a century.


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