Joshua Coombes: Small acts of love can bring a big impact

Simple acts of generosity can spread love and happiness in a very profound way. One day Joshua Coombes, hair stylist, stepped out of the salon in London where he worked. He stopped to speak to a man who lived nearby in the street and ended up giving a free haircut. Ever since, he has been telling the stories of homeless people and is offering them free haircuts. He met new people and posted it on social media. Soon his posts got attention from thousands of people and a movement was born #DoSomethingForNothing.

He has shared heart warming stories in his recently published book, Do Something for Nothing. The book covers addiction, loss and abandonment but also hope, faith and resilience. Now he strongly believes in strong telling as a means of creating change. He has been inspiring people to help other people without looking for anything in return. He says that whether a person is a writer, videographer or photographer, telling stories can bring a fundamental shift in perceptions. A documentary series on National Geographic featured him and his work.

He is now traveling the world and inspiring people to use their gifts to help others. Inspired by Coombes, veterinarian Jade Statt offers free veterinary care to the pets of people who live on the streets. . Kevin Maclellan, physiotherapist, was also inspired by Coombes who now offers free back pain consultations to NHS workers, in recognition of their relentless work during the lockdowns. Coombes says that people put him in the position of a hero but all he knows is he is living his life in a way he feels right. This initiative has helped him become a better man and he has made friends all around the globe. He has managed to inspire people globally to be generous and kind to others. The movement he has started is positively impacting and changing lives.