Johnson & Johnson openly sellings talc which caused cancer to women, 6 died


Johnson & Johnson has been finally ordered to pay 14,500 crore as damages to women who are suffering from cancer caused by the talc of the company by the Supreme Court of America. On one hand Medical Associations are making hue and cry against a statement made by Baba Ramdev on the other hand a fine of Billions of dollars of fine has been imposed on Johnson & Johnson because its talc powder has caused cancer to women. Out of the 22 women who had filed a case, 6 women had lost their lives due to cancer caused by the talc of Johnson & Johnson.
It is a plight to see that media houses, day and night are extensively covering the spat between ayurveda vs allopathy, but no one is paying adequate attention to this shocking news that talc powder of Johnson & Johnson, which is trustedly used in every household, is causing cancer. Because of this unawareness, Indians are still using Johnson & Johnson products. It is currently being used in most of the countries because of the unawareness.
The mental, physical and emotional trauma caused to those women can not be paid in monetary terms but atleast media houses should make people aware about this incredibly important news. Rather they are making arguments of ayurveda vs allopathy as the most important news.
The first case against Johnson & Johnson talc powder was made in 1999. But the suit had to be dropped because the burden of proof is on the plaintiff and there was lack of sufficient evidence. Johnson & Johnson deliberately hid from the public that its talc has asbestos. In two other cases, one in New Jersey and another in California juries awarded big sums to the plaintiff. In a third verdict in St. Louis the jury awarded the plaintiff $4.69 billion in damages.
Thousands of lawsuits had been filed against Johnson & Johnson as it failed to make its consumers aware regarding the risk of cancer from using the talc. It has still only discontinued the production of the talc only in the USA and Canada because of the lawsuits but is continuing to sell the talc in rest of the other countries. It is absolutely disgusting and terrible. It can cause serious risks to health to a large population.
On the other hand, Patanjali Ayurveda is a multinational company based in Uttarakhand. Its estimated revenue is more than 9,000 crores per year. It has generated employment to lakhs of people. A statement made by Baba Ramdev does not need attention but a company, which is openly selling its talc which can cause cancer all over the world needs attention. Media houses should distinguish between what is imperative and what is trash. People need to be made more aware.


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