JIE International School’s conceptual learning an imperative step towards education reformation


With every generation, the means of education are changing. There was a time when rote-learning was the way for students to score well, but this is not the system anymore. Education means learning and applying that knowledge in everyday life. To build the necessary 21st-century skills for our future citizens, we need unique schools which can use new kinds of learning methods. 
A few years back, mugging was the way adopted by every student to score well in their exams. There was lack of understanding , skills and knowledge. Education was losing its purpose. But now educators and modern schools have recognised the fault in the education system. They are now working together and making all possible changes. 
Here’s a close look at a special school which is making conceptual learning the key pillar of its curriculum and is bringing spectacular change in the overall learning process. 
It is JIE International School, Uttarakhand, India that aims to transform the education system by replacing obsolete learning practices with conceptual ones. Their way of imparting knowledge is practical and effective. The purpose is to create an environment where a student can realize his full potential, share knowledge, have new experiences and develop skills. Theory and practical knowledge goes hand in hand so that a student does not miss anything. 
Today many students of the school are creating world records with their unique talent. Academic Delegates from different countries are also visiting the school to understand the specially-designed Curriculum and learning process.
This school is inspiring other schools as well to take corrective measures to make sure that education being imparted makes a student a learned citizen of the country. It is recognizing and refining the talents of its students and supporting them in every way possible. Efforts made by JIE International School, Rudrapur are exemplary and inspirational. 


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