Japan welcomes robots as companions to ease pandemic isolation


Isolation has become common globally because of the coronavirus pandemic. It has brought stress and depression to many people. People can not meet their friends, colleagues and family members because of social restrictions.
Japan has welcomed robots as companions to ease isolation in the pandemic. The robot can sing for you when you are lonely. People are working from home and do not get a chance to talk to colleagues or other people. They can not meet friends because of pandemic restrictions.
When they feel lonely, they talk to the robot to ease isolation. Japan has seen a boom in sales of robots during the pandemic. One of the manufacturers said that his monthly sales of robots grew tenfold after Covid-19 hit Japan.
Not only families with children. The demand for the robots is also increased by senior citizens in their 60s and 70s.
Sharp said sales of its small humanoid ‘Robohon’ were up by 30 percent. Robohon talks, dances and is also a working phone. But these robots are not cheap. Many Japanese people admire the idea that every object has a soul.
The robots include Qoobo, a fluffy pillow with a mechanical tail that wiggles like a real pet.
Home assistant “Bocco emo” will be released soon, which looks like a miniature snowman. It also allows families to leave and send voice messages through their phones. There is a slo a huge demand for robot building kits which the parents are buying to keep their children occupied.
Children are fond of robots because they have grown up seeing robots in most of the anime shows. There are different kinds of robots available according to your needs. Lovot and Aibo are healing robots that can gather data on the well-being of their owners and report it remotely. People are giving this robot to their older parents living far away. As the pandemic drags on, the demand for the robots is bound to increase.


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