Japan visitors top 2 million in June for first time since Covid-19

Passengers to Japan increased 2 million in June for the initial time in more than three years, official information revealed on Wednesday, drawn in by the weak yen and bringing speed to help in recovery of the pandemic-stricken retail sector. The number of foreign visitors for business and leisure increased to 2.07 million in June, clearing the 2 million mark for the first time since February 2020, the Japan National Tourism Organisation (JNTO) said. That was up from 1.9 million arrivals in May, but still less than 28 per cent from the level in June 2019 before the coronavirus happened.

Even with a record heatwave in Japan, tourist is visiting , taking benefit of a slide in the currency that has led to holidays getting inexpensive in more than ten years. The flow is supporting to stir demand-driven expansion in the world’s third-largest economy, as hotels, restaurants, and retailers recognize that they can earn more without denting sales. Visitors to Japan all but stopped for more than two years during the pandemic. But numbers have increased wonderfully since the government resumed visa-free travel for several nations in October.