Japan to decide on Tuesday when to start releasing treated water from Fukushima

The Japanese government will be making a choice on Tuesday when to begin releasing treated water from the shattered Fukushima nuclear plant into the sea, a government minister conveyed. “We are willing to have a meeting of the related ministers tomorrow (Tuesday) for the sake of makeing a decision on the commencement of the water release after confirming the status of attempts to make sure security and to confront reputational rupture,” Mr Yasutoshi Nishimura, the economy, trade and industry minister, conveyed at an event of news conference.

Public problems also remains high in South Korea, but its government, which has sought to thaw ties with Japan, says its review of the plan has discovered it in line with international standards. The release of the treated water – a maximum of 500,000 litres per day, Tepco says – is simply just the one step of the clean-up. The far more perilous task remains of eradicating radioactive rupture and extremely perilous nuclear fuel from the three reactors that engaged in meltdown.