Japan PM Kishida says still no decision on Fukushima water release date

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida revealed a few days back his government has not yet made a decision when to start releasing treated water from the ruined Fukushima nuclear plant into the Pacific Ocean. Media reports reveal that the release of some of the 1.34 million tonnes of water, which Japan claims to be secure, could begin between end days of August and beginning of September, despite anger from China and concern elsewhere.

The Japan Times showed on Friday that Mr Kishida was set to confront with his ministers on Tuesday to refine the schedule. “I think we have come to the final stage where the government should make a decision based on comprehensive consideration” of problems such as reducing the affect on fisheries as much as possible, he told reporters on Friday.

Speaking on Sunday at the Fukushima site, ruined by a tsunami in 2011 in one of the world’s most ruined atomic catastrophic events, Mr Kishida said he would first encounter fishing industry officials to converse about their problems. Many fishermen are in opposition to the release, being afraid it will undo years of attempts to refine the industry’s picture in the wake of the 2011 calamity.