Japan PM grilled over ‘go-go dancers’ at party meet

Japan’s Prime Minister Fumio Kishida was grilled by lawmakers on March 13 about a crowd of governing  party members at which scantily clad female dancers were reportedly conveyed to make utilization of their mouths to accept cash tips. Video leaked from the occasion in November 2023, organised by a regional chapter of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), revealed women in what seemed to be swimsuits dancing and sitting on participants’ laps. The women came from a troupe called Glamor Dancers and were told to use their mouths to accept banknotes hanging from those of the participants, media reports revealed.

One of the organisers, Mr Tetsuya Kawabata, later sought to save the occasion  by making a statement which was conveying that the presence of the “go-go dancers” was there because of the idea of glorifying  “diversity”. “We rolled out the red carpets for the dancers after studying from several viewpoints, Which involves whether it matches the idea of diversity,” Mr Kawabata, deputy head of the local LDP youth wing, told broadcaster ANN. “However, the enthusiasm that ensued, specifically  towards the end of the social gathering, fuelled  my anticipations ,” media quoted Mr Kawabata as saying.