Japan Lodges Protest Against Chinese Ambassador’s Comment on Taiwan

TOKYO – Japan has officially protested against the Chinese ambassador’s “extremely inappropriate” remarks concerning Taiwan, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshimasa Hayashi announced on Wednesday.

The protest comes after Wu Jianghao, the Chinese ambassador in Tokyo, reportedly warned on Monday that Japanese people would be dragged into conflict if they supported forces advocating for Taiwan’s independence and attempting to “split China.” These comments were reported by Japanese media.

“We consider it to be extremely inappropriate for an ambassador stationed in Tokyo to make such a comment, and we have immediately lodged a severe protest against it,” Hayashi stated during a regular news conference.

Hayashi reaffirmed Japan’s stance on Taiwan, emphasizing that Tokyo expects the issues surrounding Taiwan to be resolved peacefully through dialogue.

The incident underscores the ongoing tensions in the region regarding Taiwan’s status and the delicate diplomatic balancing act that Japan must navigate between supporting its democratic neighbor and managing relations with China.