Jagat Singh Chaudhary: Igniting the spark of hope and hard work


Jagat Singh Junglee Green ambassador of Uttarakhand Conrobuted the balance of ecological sysem and biodiversity by creating mixed forest of one lakh plants and 2 hectare of Unever rocky land and also he has introduced a new concept of water conservation, soil conservation and climate change solution through mixed forest model. He has visited villages, town , primary & secondary schools and institutions of higher education in different parts of the country to spread awareness about the conservation of environment (water, forest, land and air) with social touch. He has give the solution and remedies for the dangers surrounding the natural resources. Also plantation of maximum species of trees on the land lying vacant and barren. His mixed forest modal give the solution of how can use the barren land for agriculture. In present time world needs biodiversity for solution of water conservation and climate change mixed forest model of Jagat Singh is a prefact example for climate change and water conservation . What inspire him to do such kind of work was in fact, the pain and agony of the women folk of Himalayan region that moved and inspired him to work in the field of environment and grow mixed forests. The idea of building mixed and working for the cause of environment occured to him for the first time in 1974 when very few people in India knew abot the issues of environment.
He believed that in order to strengthen the ecological system of this region, biodiversity can be enhanced by growing mixed forests on the vacant (barren) and panchayati land of the village. Besides, if we connect if with economy, migration from hills can also be checked. Today, at present, the life of Himalayan woman is confined to somehow managing wood and fodder. In his view, proper development of the forthcoming new generation can be imagined only on the basis of the development of the forthcoming new generation can be imagined only on the basis of the development of women. If such types of forests (mixed forests) are grown in nearby area within which all necessary things like grass and wood are available. women can save their time which they can devote to their children. He believed that after growing mixe forests, ecological balance of the region had improved considerably because forests play the most significant role in maintaining ecological balance where the main objective was Conservation the high altitude Himalayan vegetation, on the verge of extinction, in the mixed forest and connecting the economy of the village with mixed forest by growing cash crops within it. Few sucessful experiments done in the mixed forest were stone technology, Pit instrument technology and process of preparing botanical fertiliser.
Our environment is being badly affected by the rising temperature and changing climate. Various kinds of pollution are also adversity affecting the animals, and the flora and fauna all around. In order to improve environmental imbalance, it has become necessary for the masses to get awakened, before it is too late. If it continues like this, the day is not very far when we will have to struggle even for a drop of water and fresh air to breathe. Junglee ji worries are getting more and more intense day by day to see the increasing environmental imbalance. How will the forthcoming generations live in their environment ? For the improvement and maintenance of the environmental balance, more mixed forests shoule be plantd. so that the biodiversity may be sustained and increasing temperature may also remain under control. More and mre plantation of mixed forests will have to done for absorbing the gases released by the big factories and industrial units causing air pollution-a major factor causing pollution in the environment. There is extremely urgent need to check immediately the ongoing deforestation, so that human beings may not have to face any problem for fresh air.


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