Iran’s Government Holds ‘Extraordinary Meeting’ Following President Raisi’s Death

DUBAI – In a significant political development, Iran’s three branches of government convened an extraordinary meeting on Monday after the death of President Ebrahim Raisi in a helicopter crash, according to state TV.

First Vice President Mohammad Mokhber represented the executive branch at the meeting, stepping into his role as interim leader. “We will follow the path of President Raisi in fulfilling assigned duties without any interruption,” Mokhber stated, emphasizing continuity and stability in governance during this transitional period.

The three branches of government in Iran include the executive, the legislative, and the judiciary. This meeting marks a crucial step in maintaining state functions following the sudden loss of the president.

According to the Islamic Republic’s constitution, in the event of a president’s death while in office, the first vice president assumes presidential responsibilities for an interim period of 50 days. This transition requires the approval of the Supreme Leader, who holds ultimate authority over state matters in Iran. A new presidential election will be conducted at the end of this 50-day period to elect a permanent successor.

This extraordinary meeting underscores the urgency and gravity of the situation as Iran navigates through this unexpected leadership change. The government’s swift response aims to reassure both the domestic population and the international community of its stability and continuity despite the tragedy.

Further developments are anticipated as the country prepares for the upcoming presidential election, and the interim administration manages ongoing national and international affairs.