Iran says conversations with IAEA’s Grossi have been ‘optimistic,’

Conversations, between Iran and the U.N. nuclear watchdog have been optimistic and helpful, Iran’s nuclear chief Mohammad Eslami revealed on Tuesday in a collaborative news conference with the IAEA chief Rafael Grossi in the Iranian city of Isfahan.

Grossi went to Iran on Monday believing to bolster oversight by the International Atomic Energy Agency of Tehran’s atomic activities after several setbacks, but analysts and diplomats say he doesn’t have enough leverage and must be wary of empty pledges.

In 2023, Tehran has put forward, sweeping assurances to the U.N. nuclear watchdog that it will assist a long-stalled investigation into uranium particles which has been discovered, at undeclared sites and re-install eradicated monitoring equipment. But little came of those assurances, IAEA reports  to member states unveil.

We go on with interactions over complicated problems, which includes issues regarding two sites,” Eslami reveal in the televised news conference. Iran is enriching uranium to up to 60% purity, close to the around 90% of weapons grade. If that material were enriched further, it would suffice for two nuclear weapons, according to an official IAEA yardstick. Iran rejects looking for nuclear weapons but no other state has enriched to that state without bringing them.