International Virtual Meet is being organized by PRONES ASIA on April 2, 2021


PRONES ASIA is organzing an International Virtual Meet on April 2, 2021. In this dynamic International Virtual Meet, India, Nepal, Mauritius, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia and Philippines will be participating. 

It will be hosted by Manimaran Suppiah (Founder, PRONES ASIA) and Kaushal Kumar (National President, India & Nepal, PRONES ASIA). PRONES Asia mission is to unite businessmen throughout Asia. It creates a viable platform of equality and harmonious globalization in education, tourism, and business sectors. PRONES Asia’s network is bridged between eight major nations on the Asian continent. They are committed to create a business environment that eliminates all the problems of doing business with the help of leading nations. It also develops an international network that empowers all Asian countries to play significant roles in global economic development. 

A smooth functioning of business requires a two-way road, to secure a healthy ecosystem of doing business, they are providing comprehensive support for budding startups, dynamic entrepreneurs with a powerful vision in all the cities. International trade brings nations together and establishes an amicable business environment with a far-reaching approach. PRONES Asia is determined to remove all the hindrances and promote ease of trading in Asia so the future of trading remains booming and prosperous.

This International Virtual Meet will assist the countries in finding solutions to the current problems created by the Coronavirus pandemic. Such interactive sessions help in sharing valuable knowledge from leaders. It is an incredible opportunity for business leaders to exchange insights and establish business connections. It will also grant exposure to foreign investment opportunities. 


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