International Politics and its driving forces


In world politics states try to achieve what they want to get and they try to prevent others from getting what they want. Essentially there are many historical secular forces that have moulded how world politics is conducted, which countries become stronger or weaker. For example, one of the driving forces of international politics in the long run is population movements or population changes or demographic change. Let me just ask you this question, if Europeans had not migrated to the American continent what would world politics look like today? There is little chance that the American continent would have developed the way it had and we would not have essentially the major power in the world called the United States or if it weren’t for the movements of the population we would not have had a state called Israel in the Middle East. Now this of course is one driving force of world politics, now we may move to another driving force of world politics, that is technological change. Now again, if you think about technological change we may give us an example, the discovery of the cannon and gunpowder that changed the entire way people fought. So we can see that major forces driving world politics change over time. We may also think about industrialization because the development of industrialization beginning in England essentially transformed the way power was distributed throughout the world. Industrial powers have continued to dominate the world to this day.


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