International Humanitarian Law : Internationalized non-international armed conflict


The second category of International Armed Conflict which encompasses non-international armed conflict that is “internationalized” because of the intervention of an outside state or an international organization.Direct intervention, when other states or international organizations intervene by sending their own troops or by accomplishing an act of war.Indirect intervention, where the state or an international organization intervenes by exercising some sort of control over armed groups engaged in a conflict within the territorial sovereign.Interventions that may be characterized as an act of war includes any acts which have a decisive impact on the conduct of hostilities, such as the transportation of troopsto combat zones or the supply of weapons to be used for specific military attacks.Internationalized NIACs represent an important category of armed conflicts because most recent NIACs -be they in Afghanistan, Congo, the former Yugoslavia, Mali, Libya, Syria, or Yemen- have at somepoint been internationalized due to such direct or indirect interventions.Internationalized armed conflicts are not only increasingly common; they are also controversial because they sit uneasily between the two classical categories of armed conflict.


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