International Humanitarian Law: Armed conflict


Armed conflict continues to cause death and suffering. International Humanitarian Law is the body of international law that aims at regulating armed conflicts. But what is actually an armed conflict?. Whenever any state or any other group uses armed force, it is known as armed conflict. Armed conflict is of two kinds:- International armed conflict and non-international armed conflict. When two or more states use armed force, regardless of the reason, it is called International armed conflict. Whenever there is the use of armed force between governmental force and any other armed group, or between such groups, it is called non-international armed conflict. An example of non-international armed conflict is the use of the state’s armed forces against rebel groups. It is considered irrelevant whether states concerned consider themselves at war or not. Lower levels of internal violence such as demonstrations and riots are not covered under the law of armed conflict. In such a situation, domestic legislation is applicable. 


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