India’s village where everyone has two citizenships: Longwa village, Nagaland


The beautiful village named Longwa is situated 380 kilometers north-east of Nagaland’s capital Kohima. This unique place is situated at our eastern international border. The Indo-Myanmar border cuts through this village. The interesting fact is that this border has given the people two nationalities instead of dividing them. These villages have the citizens of both India and Myanmar.
Sometime around the year 1970-71, they stretched the borders here. That’s when India and Myanmar separated. One part of Longwa is in India and the other part is in Burma. But Longwa remained undivided. In terms of population, Longwa is the most populated village of the district.
The people in this village belong to the Konyak Naga tribe which is one of the biggest tribes amongst the 16 most recognised tribes. The tribe was famous for its head-hunting regime. They were known for beheading their enemies and bringing the heads back, post the war as a reward. The chief of this tribe is addressed with the title Angh and he is also considered as the king of the Konak tribe.
The amazing fact is, the border separating India and Myanmar passes through the king’s house. To be precise, exactly through the middle of the king’s house. This means that one part of his house is in India and the second part of his house is in Myanmar. The family sleeps in India and eats in Myanmar. He is the king of the tribe and has a lot of dignity and pride. His reign spread across 75 villages out of which a few villages are in Myanmar and Arunachal Pradesh. Angh is the link that connects people with the government. His initiatives have resulted in the development of tribes and the betterment of the Longwa village.


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