India’s pride, the tricolour, manufactured with passion and dedication by women


The Indian national flag is the pride of India, whose three colors represent the country’s sacrifice, peace and prosperity. The chakra in the centre teaches us to follow the path of Dharma. But do you know that manufacturing of the flag takes place only at one place in India? In Hubli, Karnataka, there is Khadi Gramodyoga Samyukta Sangha, which is the official manufacturer of the tricolor. In Khadi Gramodyoga, Khadi clothes are manufactured but the most important manufacturing which is done here by the workers is the manufacturing of national flags.
Since 2002, more than five crore Indian national flags have been manufactured. The Swadeshi Andolan which was started in 1905 was taken forward by Gandhi Ji after 1918. He began the Khadi Movement for rural self employment and self reliance. He boycotted foreign goods. He inspired women to make threads with the help of charkha so that they can be self-reliant. The tradition is still followed by Khadi Gramodyoga Samyukta Sangha. 90% of the workers here are women who efficiently make the national flags.
It is not easy to make an Indian national flag. Every flag manufactured here is made according to the Bureau of Indian Standard. The quality, color and size are also checked by the Bureau of Indian Standard. Various lab tests are done.
First of all cotton of supreme quality is collected from cotton farmers. After that with the help of Charkhas, cotton is turned into yarn. Then with traditional wooden handlooms, the yarn is converted into Khadi of the finest quality. Then after precise measurements, the khadi is cut into three equal lots. One lot is then dyed in green color and the other in orange. To even out the white lot, it is bleached. Then the Chakra is printed in the centre. After that very carefully the tricolor is stitched together. After the flag is ready, there is a proper way by which the flag is folded. The pride of India, the national flag is made with passion and dedication by women.


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