Indian women set fire to house of suspect as Manipur sex assault case triggers outrage

Women in India’s north-eastern state of Manipur criticized the house of the sole suspect in a sexual assault case that has triggered aggression to the country, the police revealed on Friday. The suspect had deliberately pulled two Kuki women onto the streets in May and later urged a mob to rape and parade them without clothes, the police said on Friday, as ethnic clashes were going all over the state. The sexual harassment happened over two months ago, but it held national attention after a short video was constantly shared on social media earlier this week.

The sole suspect, a resident of violence-hit Manipur state, was sent to jail on Thursday, Three others also were caught and put in prison, and a police official said that they were on their mission to find at least 30 others included in the case. The sexual harassment case was revealed by the victims in May after ethnic clashes happened in Manipur. Opposition MPs who have given notices in both houses of the Parliament to talk about the violence in Manipur interfered with the events on Friday.

The truth is , the Manipur High Court sent out an order on 19 April providing Scheduled Tribe (ST) status to the state’s majority Meitei community. The High Court had guided the government to enforce a 10-year-old suggestion to involve the non-tribal Meitei community in the tribe.  After this order, a spat began between the Meitei community and the Kuki community in the state and as a result it became violent. The Government of India has employed 40,000 soldiers, paramilitary forces and police to the area as an effort to halt the growing dispute and ferocity.