Indian minister’s home set ablaze in violence-hit Manipur state

In Manipur, a house was set on fire by the mob. The house belonged to an Indian minister. This was because of the rivalry happening between groups since a month. Junior Foreign Minister R. K. Ranjan Singh’s office confirmed that a mob has made and implemented their plan to set fire to his house in Imphal. “Luckily, the family members were safe from getting injured in the attack on the house,” said an aide to Mr Singh in New Delhi. Mr Singh is a federal minister and a part of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government. “I am shocked. The law and order situation in Manipur has totally failed,” Mr Singh told ANI, Reuters’ TV partner in India.

The dispute began by resentment over economic benefits and the issue of quotas for getting opportunities of government jobs and education reserved for the Kukis. Meiteis account for half of Manipur’s population and increasing limited affirmative action quotas to them would mean they would get more share in education and government jobs will be more available for Kukis and others. The records represent 83 people have been killed to death and more than 60,000 residents displaced in the violence since May. Civil society organisations from the Meitei and Kuki communities expressed their concern about more than hundreds of people were injured and made homeless.