Indian Farmers Protest: Result of misunderstanding, mismanagement and miscommunication


Parliament of India in September 2020 passed three farm acts. Since then Indian farmers are protesting and the protests are still ongoing. The protests have drawn attention at global level. Various international personalities are supporting the acts passed by the Parliament. Farmers unions have declared the acts passed by the parliament as anti-farmer laws. There has been a demand by the farmers to create a MSP bill and complete revocation of the three farm acts.
Farmers from all over India have reached the national capital, Delhi and are still there protesting against the laws. Various protests are being held all over the country against the farm laws but the protestors do not have the right information regarding the laws. They are being influenced by social media with information which is not true. On 26th January, 2021 the protests took a violent turn. Various talks were conducted between government officials and heads of farmers unions, but no solution could be found. The government and the farmers have reached an impasse.
But many high dignitaries have shown their support for the acts passed by the government. The farmers act has been passed in favour of the farmers. Earlier the farmers could sell their produce only in the mandis through middle men but the new laws allow the farmers to sell their produce outside of the mandis and get a better price. The lack of understanding, management and communication are the cause of these protests. The farmers demanded that MSP, Minimum Support Price should not be abolished and the government has agreed to keep the MSP. But the farmers are adamant to get the laws revoked.
It is said that the best lessons can be learnt from history. In a similar manner, small marginal farmers of Polson dairy were exploited by the middle men. They were never adequately paid. They were forced to travel long distances just to deliver milk. They were highly exploited. Then the three tired Amul structure was prepared which revolutized the milk industry and now India is the largest producer of milk in the world.
In the same way, to end the exploitation of the farmers, the government came with three farm laws which will help farmers to sell their produce directly, without getting exploited by the middle men. They will be able to get a much better price for their produce. The farmers need to understand the laws and the intention behind them completely before protesting against them. The laws are for their well being and have the ability to end all sorts of exploitation against the farmers.


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