India resumes Internet ban in restive Manipur following protests

India has enforced again an Internet hindrance on restive Manipur state after enraged protests erupted following the circulation of pictures of two students murdered during the months-long conflict, officials revealed. Exceeding than 150 people have been murdered in the outskirts of north-eastern state since armed clashes happened in May between the predominantly Hindu Meitei majority and the mainly Christian Kuki community. The far-fetched state has been destroyed on ethnic lines, with enemy militia groups creating blockades. An around five-month long Internet hindrance was lifted previous week.

But it was reinstated late on Tuesday after dozens were ruptured whilst the rageful protests in the state capital Imphal were happening. On Tuesday, police fired tear gas as hundreds of aggressive students marched after the unveiling on social media of pictures of the two dead bodies. They were of a 17-year old woman and a 20-year old man from the Meitei community, local media revealed about this. The pair went missing in July. Protesters are willing to get back serenity in India’s north-eastern state of Manipur.